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Former NDP leader Brian Mason is the most experienced politician in the legislature. He was first elected as the MLA for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood in a by-election in 2000.

After attending the University of Alberta in the mid-1970s, majoring in Political Science, Mason was a bus driver for Edmonton Transit. While driving the city bus, he realized the importance of public services and learned first-hand the struggle that ordinary families in Alberta face to make ends meet. Mason met thousands of Edmontonians while driving for Edmonton Transit, and many of his passengers encouraged him to run for office.

In 1989, after challenging a policy that prevented municipal employees from running for office, Mason was elected by the people of northeast Edmonton as their city councillor. On city council, he was known as a voice for strong public services and sustainable development. Mason was re-elected in 1992, 1995 and 1998.

Realizing that many of the most important things for ordinary families were things like health care and education, Mason ran for the NDP in Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood in a by-election in 2000. Re-elected in 2001, 2004, 2008 and 2012, he has continued to stand up for the Albertans that originally encouraged him to run, by fighting for high-quality health care, education, affordable electricity and ensuring that every Albertan gets a fair share of the prosperity of this province.

Brian has lived in and represented northeast Edmonton for 24 years, where he and his wife, Karin, raised their sons Peter and Alex.