Deron Bilous


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MLA for Edmonton-Beverley-Clareview since 2012, Deron Bilous has fought hard and continues to do so for the communities he represents.

He is a strong advocate for recreation centres and community infrastructure that helps young families.  A former educator, Bilous is committed to building improving school infrastructure, smaller class sizes, and stable education funding.

Those who attend events, such as Family Day activities, Community League Day, the Beverly Heights Variety Show, and the Farmer’s Market can spot Bilous actively engaging the public and hearing their thoughts.

When the previous PC government’s cuts threatened to close the Stollery Down Syndrome Clinic, Bilious successfully campaigned against the decision, forcing the government to reverse their cuts.

Similarly, he also fought hard to ensure a pipeline project proposed by the former government did not destroy a North East Community Garden.

The MLA believes in developing new schools and classroom supports for inclusive education. He is also a firm believer in sustainable mature communities that attract young families with amenities.

He lives in Beverly with his wife, Rose, and stepdaughter, Daniela.