Eric Rosendahl


West Yellowhead



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Eric Rosendahl is a lifelong local resident of Hinton with a strong record of defending working people and the spectacular wilderness areas they enjoy.

For 34 years, he worked at the West Fraser pulp mill in Hinton. Rosendahl knows firsthand that resource development can drive our economy to the benefit of working and middle-class families, if it’s done right. He supports sustainable development to create good, middle-class jobs by adding more value to our resources here in Canada.

Many residents know Rosendahl as a champion for the region’s parks and wildlife. He is President of the Hinton Fish and Game Association and a member of the Alberta Hunters Instructors Association. He is committed to protecting federal funding for Jasper National Park, which is so important to tourism operators and our local economy.

As President of the Yellowhead Labour Council, Rosendahl has been a strong voice for working people. In particular, he has been critical of mismanagement of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.