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Lori Sigurdson has more than 20 years of experience as a social worker in Edmonton and she’s spent her career standing up for Albertans, so that prosperity can work for everyone in this province.

Prior to her work with the Legislative Assembly, she was a Professional Affairs Coordinator for the Alberta College of Social Work. She worked on behalf of all provincial social workers to influence and improve government action on issues like child poverty, family violence, and homelessness—all barriers to success in our society. Sigurdson has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Calgary and is an instructor at both the University of Calgary and MacEwan University.

She has a long history of volunteering for organizations that champion a better Alberta for all citizens. She is currently vice president of Public Interest Alberta and has been involved in the work of the Parkland Institute and the Greater Edmonton Alliance.

As the mother of three sons, two of whom attended McKernan School, there has been no shortage of volunteer assignments for Sigurdson to tackle on a daily basis. Though her oldest son is now on his own, her two younger ones are still at home, in school, and involved in minor hockey. She has been on the pre-school board, taught Sunday School, helped with bottle drives and worked at bingos, and continues to support her boys’ activities.

Sigurdson cares about Albertans and their families. She wants to see all of us prosper from Alberta’s resources and enjoy the benefits they provide. She’s a community builder who understands the challenges we face in raising a family, running a home, and working in and outside the home.