NDP Momentum Continues to Grow in Calgary: Notley

NDP Momentum Continues to Grow in Calgary: Notley

CALGARY – Following the official kick off of her Leader’s Tour in Calgary yesterday, NDP Leader Rachel Notley held her first campaign rally today with Calgary-Fort candidate Joe Ceci.

Speaking to supporters, Notley talked about her party’s plans to show leadership on the things that matter to Calgarians.

“I’m here for a reason,” said Notley.

“Calgary is a special place – it’s a place of innovation. This is not a city where people simply accept the status quo – Calgarians break new ground and find better ways of doing things,” said Notley. “And that includes electing a government that’s in your corner.”

Notley will be travelling across the province, talking to Albertans and campaigning to be Alberta’s next Premier.

“There’s a feeling of change in the air – Albertans want a new Premier, and I’m here to tell you that I’m applying for the job, so we can deliver real results for families,” said Notley.

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