Ricardo Miranda

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Ricardo Miranda is a resident of Temple, a vibrant community in Calgary's northeast, where he lives with his extended family and children.

Many of Ricardo’s reasons for entering politics stem from witnessing the PCs’ neglect of key public services around his community that working and middle class families count on, particularly in the public health care system. And, after losing a member of his extended family to a violent homicide, Ricardo has also become passionate about the need to create safer communities and neighbourhoods.

Ricardo immigrated to Canada in 1988 along with most members of his closely-knit family, many of who settled in and still call the city’s northeast home. He works as a research representative for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), analyzing public services, political affairs, economics and workplace issues. In addition, he has worked as a union organizer, helping people to form unions at their worksites.

Prior to working for CUPE, Ricardo worked for Air Canada as a Flight Attendant for over 15 years and was active in his local union, being elected president of the union and member of the negotiations committee. 

Ricardo has a Bachelor of Arts in the humanities from the University of Calgary. He speaks English, Spanish and French. A lifelong learner he is currently pursuing a second university degree.