Eastern Slopes Protection Act

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The UCP thought they could make disastrous changes to the province’s open-pit coal mining policies behind your back.

They’ve left the door open for coal development in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes — the watershed supplying drinking water for millions of Albertans. The scale of new strip mining would also impact fragile fish and wildlife habitats.

Albertans can not trust the UCP on this issue. We must pass a law to protect our mountains.

The Eastern Slopes Protection Act would:

• ban coal mining in category 1 and 2 lands

• place a moratorium in categories 3 and 4 until the government legislates regional land-use plans

• put a stop to Jason Kenney’s threat to scrap Alberta’s most beautiful and distinct landscapes with open-pit mining

When the UCP rescinded the 1976 Lougheed Coal Policy they opened up new coal leases to be approved for exploration. Even after intense public backlash, only eleven of those leases were cancelled.

Strip mining Alberta's Rocky Mountains is NOT an economic strategy.

Together, we can pressure UCP MLAs to protect Alberta's mountains.