CAMPAIGN REALITY CHECK: Kenney gets by with a little help from his friends

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November 20 2017

EDMONTON – Calgary-Lougheed candidate Jason Kenney brought together a who’s who of his friends for his campaign launch yesterday. Here are some people helping him with the campaign:

Alan Hallman – Kenney’s leadership campaign removed Hallman in March from their team after he acknowledged, in his own statement, he was in a “police involved altercation.”[1] He was later charged with common assault and ejected from the PC’s leadership convention by security. The PC Board had previously suspended his membership in the party for one year in a unanimous vote because of his “aggressive, elbows-up approach to politics.”[2]

Craig Chandler – When Chandler ran for the federal PC leadership in 2003, he claimed laws that protect LGBTQ people from hate crimes were anti-Christian, stating “if this bill becomes law… the Bible or at least certain portions of it in due time will be declared hate literature.”[3] Chandler also defended the Wildrose’s “Lake of Fire” bozo eruption, stating, “The lifestyle that is referred to is very clear in the Bible as not an acceptable one.”[4] Media inquiries: Aaron Manton 780.995.5873


Media inquiries:

Aaron Manton



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