NDP Calls On UCP To Declare Start To Leadership Race

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August 31, 2017



UCP Leadership Race lacks rules or financial limits

The NDP is calling on the UCP to declare the start of the race, and on leadership contenders to demonstrate that their contributions have been in line with election laws.

The United Conservative Party’s leadership race still has no rules or financial limits in place. After a month of campaigning by its leadership contenders, the UCP still hasn’t officially declared that a leadership race is underway – meaning that Elections Alberta rules meant to ensure fair leadership races are not considered in effect.

“Alberta’s election laws put strict limits on who can donate to campaigns to keep big money out of politics,” said Graham Sucha, Calgary-Shaw MLA. “The UCP has four party insiders running for its leadership, and they are campaigning outside of Elections Alberta rules. Albertans have no assurances that donations are in line with the law. That’s why I’m calling on the UCP to immediately declare a start to the race, and on all candidates to show that their contributions follow the law.”

Even though the UCP has stated, “The leadership process has not yet been finalized.” , candidates Jean and Schweitzer have paid $10,000 fees to access membership lists – suggesting that the race is underway in every regard except for the lack of accountability.

“The possibility that leadership candidates are using political action committees to accept illegal donations that wouldn’t be allowed if they were following Elections Alberta rules must be ruled out,” said Sucha.  “The UCP needs to follow the clear rules set out by Elections Alberta and come clean with the public.”