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Fighting for you

Rachel Notley and Alberta’s NDP are fighting for all Albertans to create a province that’s more progressive, sustainable, and where no one is left behind.

For over 50 years, Alberta’s NDP have fought for what matters: good jobs, good schools, and strong public healthcare. In 1982, Albertans put their trust in leader Grant Notley and Alberta’s NDP became a strong opposition to the PC government.

In 2015, Albertans put their trust in Rachel Notley and elected her as Premier. Rachel and Alberta’s NDP are taking action to diversify our economy and leading the fight for a pipeline. Rachel’s team are making sure our loved ones have access to the healthcare they need and our students learn in good schools.

Our team

Meet Rachel Notley Meet Rachel Notley

Rachel Notley is a fighter. She's dedicated her life to working to make life better for workers and families. With every choice she makes, she puts working people and families first.


The Provincial Executive is a group of passionate and diverse individuals who work closely together to set objectives that best serve all Albertans.


The constitution of the Alberta New Democratic Party. Download the full document here.

Will you join the movement for Alberta's future? Will you join the movement for Alberta's future?

Rachel Notley and her team have set the course for a future that is for all Albertans, not just a select few. There's no room to turn back and undo our progress. Join us as we work towards a better future for Alberta.