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Rachel Notley: Memories of growing up near Fairview, Alberta.

Early life

Rachel grew up in northwestern Alberta, around Fairview. She rode horses, loved Ukrainian dance, and was always there to help her dad around the property, fixing fences and driving to town with him in his old green truck.

Rachel's dad, Grant, was a Member of the Legislature and a respected fighter for working people. When he died in a tragic plane crash, her family banded together and looked out for one another, saving every penny they could and helping one another carry on.

In those years, her mother was her rock, teaching Rachel to be strong and determined – a fighter – no matter what the world threw at her.

My dad and I would drive around Fairview in his old green pickup, the one you’d always hear coming because he was too cheap to fix the muffler. It is a great community, where people look out for one another, and nobody is too big or important to wave back at the little girl waving from her dad’s truck. I’m proud to come from there."
Rachel Notley: Albertans love where they live and care about their communities.


During the recession in the 80's, Rachel worked in a small office in Edmonton, where a lot of injured or out of work people came for help.

Most days the office bustled with out-of-work tradespeople, striking Gainers workers, and always, without fail, frustrated people trying to navigate government programs that were not designed with working people in mind.From that little office, Rachel could only do so much, and people needed so much more. This was when Rachel decided to put her name on a ballot and fight for people in the Legislature.

I’m proud of that work, helping people find jobs and helping injured workers get the supports they needed to provide for the people they love.”

Will you join the movement for Alberta's future? Will you join the movement for Alberta's future?

Rachel Notley and her team have set the course for a future that is for all Albertans, not just a select few. There's no room to turn back and undo our progress. Join us as we work towards a better future for Alberta.