2023 Election Platform

Our Plan
for a better

A better future for Alberta

Our vision for a better future means investing in what we need most in Alberta: Fixing healthcare, cutting electricity rates and capping insurance, hiring teachers and support staff, eliminating small business taxes, and much more. All of this while maintaining the lowest personal and corporate taxes in Canada.

Our Top Priorities

We will fix healthcare

We will reduce your cost of living

We will grow our economy

We will rebuild education

We will improve public safety

We will provide stable, honest leadership

Our Key Commitments

We'll be releasing new commitments throughout our campaign, so check back often.

Albertans who need a doctor will get a doctor and will never pay out-of-pocket

After four years of the UCP, it's become increasingly difficult to find a family doctor. About 800,000 people are now on endless wait lists. Danielle Smith is also talking about making families have to pay to see a family doctor.

We will start working immediately to fix this and ensure everyone has access to a family doctor.

We will invest in Family Health Teams so that Albertans have access to multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. This will include investment for all clinics to hire 4,000 allied health professionals and establish 40 Family Health Clinics.

We will undertake the largest national and international healthcare recruitment campaign Alberta has ever seen. We will offer incentives to attract doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals, create 10,000 more post-secondary spaces specific to healthcare and streamline processes for internationally trained healthcare professionals to work here.

Albertans will get the health care they need, when and where they need it.

The UCP fought with doctors and other healthcare workers, driving many to leave the province.

An Alberta NDP government will fund practices to extend their hours so that Albertans can access medical care on their schedules.

We will build new hospitals and health facilities where they are needed.

An Alberta NDP government won’t sell hospitals, we’ll build new ones.

This includes the South Edmonton Hospital; Red Deer Hospital; staffing and fitting up the Calgary Cancer Centre and Grand Prairie Hospital; planning for a new Stollery Children’s Hospital serving Edmonton, all of Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories; and a Cardiac Catheterization Lab at the Chinook Regional Hospital.

We’ll get to work planning the North Calgary Health Campus and we’ll procure a new Morinville X-Ray machine.

We will build a state-of-the-art Lethbridge Teaching Clinic, which will include Family Health Teams and obstetric care. We would also consult with the Blood Tribe and Indigenous communities on establishing an Indigenous Centre of Excellence in Primary Care.

Alberta will have the lowest personal taxes in Canada. No income tax increases and no sales tax.

Since being elected, the UCP has raised your taxes and fees, making everything more expensive. Costs like electricity, auto insurance rates, and even parks fees have all skyrocketed under the UCP.

An Alberta NDP government won’t increase personal income taxes and won’t introduce a provincial sales tax.

We will eliminate the small business tax and remain competitive with the lowest corporate income tax in Canada.

Alberta's small businesses are the backbone of our economy, employing hundreds of thousands of people in good-paying jobs. After a number of very difficult years, they need a break. That’s why we will eliminate the small business tax - allowing this money to be re-invested in growth and innovation.

An Alberta NDP government will set the small business income tax rate to zero for more than 100,000 small businesses, including retail establishments, restaurants, mechanic shops, family farms and more.

We will immediately cut your electricity rates and cap your auto insurance costs.

Utility and auto insurance rates have skyrocketed under the UCP. Insurance premiums have increased by up to 30 percent and electricity rates have increased by over 140% for some Albertans.

We will freeze auto insurance premiums for one year and we will work to lower them.

We will immediately ensure that electricity rates are cut and will implement a cap that protects you and your family from the price shocks we’ve seen under the UCP government.

An Alberta NDP government will save Albertans almost $450 by paying off the debt repayment program introduced by the UCP, and implementing a rate cap on the Regulated Rate Option (RRO). We will cap the current RRO of 12 cents/kWh up to the average household electricity consumption of up to 600 kWh monthly from July to September. The rate cap is expected to save Albertans $249 over three months, while the utility debt repayment will save the average household $199 in the same period.

We will make life more affordable for families with kids.

All Albertans are feeling the pinch of rising costs under the UCP. Everything from housing to food, utilities, insurance and government fees and charges have gone up. Although inflation is a global phenomenon, the UCP has made life more expensive for everyone.

An Alberta NDP government will take action to make life more affordable. We will freeze income taxes, not bring in a sales tax, freeze auto insurance fees, and cut auto insurance premiums.

An Alberta NDP government will introduce a Kids’ Activity Tax Credit. This will provide parents with $500 a year to pay for children’s recreational activities, including sports, dance, music lessons, and so much more.

We will diversify our economy and grow our energy sector.

Danielle Smith scared away investments with her unpredictability and sovereignty act. She wants to give away billions to businesses that ignore legal requirements to clean up their own orphaned and abandoned wells.

An Alberta NDP government will introduce the Alberta’s Future Tax Credit. This is a refundable tax credit of 20 percent on capital investment in new emerging sectors. An additional 10 percent will be awarded for new capital investment that goes further — generating key outcomes like high-skilled job opportunities, new technological capacity in our province, or new sector skills and know-how.

We will supercharge the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program (APIP). This will expand the eligible feedstocks of the program to include, for example, recycled plastics, will expand the program to include end-products, and will bring back partial upgrading — which was removed by the outgoing government.

We will create a regulatory fast pass to support businesses with good records to get well-developed projects built sooner.

We will maintain a balanced or surplus budget following the advice of former ATB Chief Economist Todd Hirsch.

Rachel Notley tasked former ATB economist, Todd Hirsch, with providing recommendations for the future. In his report, A Better Fiscal Future - Fiscal Recommendations to Position Alberta for Success, Hirsch recommends maintaining a balanced or surplus budget, an outer bound net debt to GDP ceiling of 30%, and establishing a fixed amount of non-renewable resource revenues, and an Alberta NDP government will do just that.

We will not increase personal income taxes in the next four years and we will not bring in a sales tax.

We will eliminate the small business tax rate for more than 100,000 small businesses.

We will maintain the lowest corporate income tax rate in Canada.

We will hire more teachers and educational aids, and build more schools.

Since 2019, 36,000 more students have enrolled in Alberta’s schools, but the UCP has failed to hire a single additional teacher. They’ve underfunded education and haven’t built schools where they’re most needed.

An Alberta NDP government will invest in supporting students, and education. We will fund every student and classroom, setting targets for classroom sizes. We will do this by hiring 4,000 more teachers and 3,000 educational support staff.

An Alberta NDP government will build and modernize schools where our classrooms are the most overcrowded.

We will freeze post-secondary tuition and invest in skills training.

Over the past four years, the UCP reduced funding for training and post-secondary education by $700 million. We lost over 1,400 full-time positions and seven rural campuses were forced to close.

An Alberta NDP government will support and expand Alberta’s apprenticeship system by further funding the world-class union training centers to educate and recruit more apprentices into the trades. We’ll increase access to apprenticeship training and recognition of foreign-trained skilled workers.

We will cancel the latest UCP increases to tuition, saving 300,000 Alberta students more than $100 million, and will then cap tuition increases.

We will restore municipal police funding and public safety.

The UCP cut millions of dollars from municipal policing grants, all while wasting time trying to replace the RCMP with an Alberta force that would report to Danielle Smith.

An Alberta NDP government will restore this funding. We will work with municipalities to ensure these funds will allow for 150 more police officers to be hired across the province. An Alberta NDP government will pair these officers with 150 social workers, mental health workers, addictions counsellors and community navigators to improve safety and provide support.

We will keep the RCMP in Alberta. We reject the UCP’s plan to cancel the RCMP and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a provincial policy force that they control.

Rachel Notley will provide trusted leadership.

We will not pull the savings of Albertans out of the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). We won’t risk Albertans’ pensions and threaten their retirement. Albertans worked hard and invested into their CPP, it’s their money and we need to make sure it’s there when they retire.

We will repeal Danielle Smith’s job-killing sovereignty act. This act only creates instability and uncertainty at a pivotal time in our economy.

We will never make Albertans pay to see a family doctor, we won’t sell off our public hospitals to big corporations, or privatize surgical services, EMS response, and diagnostic services, like the UCP has done.

We won’t tear up contracts with doctors, and we won’t lay off nurses. We won’t take insulin pumps away from diabetics and jeopardize their health.

We won’t disrespect the rule of law or interfere in the administration of justice, by calling up crown prosecutors to pressure them to drop criminal charges, like Danielle Smith.

We won’t call up Chiefs of Police and abuse our authority for our personal benefit like UCP MLA Kaycee Madu did when he received a speeding ticket.

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